While Prueitt Automotive is best known for award-winning restoration we also offer other services such as transportation in our enclosed carriers, Concours service;  show or tour preparation.   We can provide partial restoration services as well as paint repair or overall paint jobs, upholstery work, or mechanical work.  We have suppliers for chrome, instrument repair, wood graining, or refinishing.  With over 45 years restoring cars there is not much we haven’t seen.  If you have a problem and you don’t know where to go, we can help.

BODY RESTORATION:  While every car offers its own unique challenges the beginning of every body restoration is to strip the body down to its bar bones.  Then a plan must be formulated for the repair and restoration of the body structure.  This could be anything from structural wood on pre-war cars to rust repair to crash repair.  When most people look at a restored car one of the first things they will notice is the condition of the body and paint.  At Prueitt Automotive our technicians have the skills and equipment to repair or replace any body components that require work.  The goal is to provide a sound, solid body with good alignment and fit, usually better than factory and a world class finish that will last a lifetime.  We combine modern techniques with traditional techniques to achieve this end.